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A Review Is Just A Review Even If It's Bad

 This is an example of a bad review for all the wrong reasons. 
Painfully poorly told and written.

By Lori on November 1, 2015
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Wow, this could have been such a good book if it was better researched and detailed. Instead it was just lazy writing. I'm sorry to the author but you had so much good material and did nothing with it and also didn't allow this woman to be likeable. She came off as arrogant, self centered, and just down right selfish. There was no elaboration on what she really had to go through in the camp or while losing her family, or why or how her relationship with her husband didn't work out, or what life was like during that time that she felt the need to marry him, or why he wasn't allowed to see his own child. The whole book was mostly about how pretty she felt she was or others thought she was, her modeling career after the war and how that came before her children or her family. I didn't like this woman and honestly about her life. It's sad really. This could have been a great novel for a survivor to tell their story. Maybe the author did not get enough information from this woman, or just didn't feel like writing the full story. I'm not sure, but I would not recommend this book.

This is an example of a bad review for all the wrong reasons. 

The reviewer said it could have been a good novel but it isn't a novel it's a memoir of Sala Lewis. On the cover of the book it says as told by. The reviewer said it was lazy writing but as the author of the book that is the furthest thing from the truth. I went to Sala's house every afternoon after work so she could tell me the story. She was a very young girl when this happened and the story was written as she told it. Sala speaks at the Holocaust Museum and the story is written as she tells it each and every time she speaks.

So, when you get a bad review sometimes you just have to look the other way. The reason I am speaking up is because every survivor's story is an important part of history.

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