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Chilling New Paranormal Suspense Novel Morphs Greedy Dreams into Dark, Potentially Deadly Reality

There’s no denying that everyone has dreams, and everyone has desires. However, in an intricate and suspense-laden new novel from M. Shams, one woman quickly discovers what happens when her desires turn into an obsession, and that obsession turns against her.

‘Mantra’ will force readers to question the possible realities of their own dreams. It’s a vivid, haunting reminder that the grass may not be greener, but covered in thick blood.

Mantra is a Paranormal Suspense Thriller set in rural London and Dartmoor in Devon. Whilst dabbling in a spot of black magic Denise – a dizzy housewife stumbles across the harrowing truth about her husband Pete’s true nature and the deadly secret he has kept hidden for eighteen years. As magic clashes with reality Karma is turned on its head as Denise unwittingly seals a deal with her destiny. An insanely jealous and greedy housewife - Denise is furious when her husband Pete is turned down for a promotion she desperately wanted for him. Taking matters into her own hands to get rich quick she accepts a gold box and a mantra from a strange woman she meets in the park who swears her to secrecy and promises her that her wishes will come true if she agrees to become her ‘exchange partner’. As her wishes suddenly start to materialize before her eyes Denise cannot understand why Pete suddenly starts to become increasingly unwell as a foul stench only he can smell pervades the house. As a shadowy figure starts to materialize to only him he realizes that his past has come back to haunt him – with a vengeance.

“To a degree, we are all selfish, and it’s unhealthy. In this novel, I explore what happens when our unhealthy habits start to tear us apart from the inside out,” explains the author. “It’s an edge-of-the-seat read for anyone into fantasy, magic and the dark arts. But it will also appeal to the general audience.”

Continuing, “I studied clinical psychology and therefore have a passionate interest in human behaviour. So, to some degree, this narrative is underpinned by a relative degree of fact. Okay, mysterious women are not handing us all boxes in the park – but we’re all undeniably guilty of letting our greed and obsessions work against us and our family. I hope readers learn something from Denise and her journey.”

Critics have praised the book highly. For example, one reviewer commented, “A wickedly delightful read for lovers of suspense thrillers, Mehtab’s new book  MANTRA takes us on a paranormal roller coaster journey to reveal the humbling lessons learned when friendships and relationships are discarded in exchange for material wealth, and the consequences when desire turns into an obsession”.

‘Mantra’ is available now:

About the Author:
Mehtab is a freelance writer and lives in Greater Manchester. She studied Clinical Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University and co-authored her dissertation on Hypomania which was published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences. A keen observer of human behaviour she completed her Post Graduate in Human Resource Management. Her education in the Social Sciences has provided her with valuable insights into the human mind. She is the founder of and provides freelance writing services online. She is also convinced there is a writer in everyone and helps budding authors to get a book out there. She uses her own experience through the self publishing route to help and inspire people by offering advice and digital solutions such as ebook design and paperback design.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Breast Cancer Survivors - OCT- 27 8PMCST PMEST 7PM MT 6PMCST


Have you had a mammogram? Join Marsha Casper Cook, Carol Solomon Proesel  and Tracee Ford on Tuesday October 27, at 9PM EST 8 PM CST 7PM MT 6 PM PST as they discuss Breast Cancer Awareness with cancer survivors - Dellani Oakes, Suzzanna C Ryan and Mary Hagberg Meyer.

Let's celebrate with the survivors and offer hope for the millions of men and women suffering with the disease right now.

Please feel free to call in and ask questions. 714- 242- 5259 - the lines and the chat room will be open.


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Book covers -- Select- o - Grafix

Review - Pan -Melissa Keir - Reviewer

​ Throw everything you thought you knew about Peter Pan out the window. This installment of the classic book and movie, retells the tale. I’m giving Pan a B+.

​ Pan tells the story behind the boy who becomes the leader of a rag tag group of boys living in Neverland. Peter is left at an orphanage by his mother and then is kidnapped by sky pirates and taken to Neverland. Once in Neverland, Peter is put to work in the mines, toiling daily for pixie dust. Blackbeard, the pirate, needs the dust to extend his life. Peter befriends a man named James Hook (yep, Captain Hook) as the two set off to find Peter’s mother.

​ The cinematography is amazing. Images appear to be a blend of cartoonish and realistic. Bright colors and unique animals abound. One of my favorite images was the use of a burst of bright color when one of Tiger Lily’s tribe dies. 

​ While this tale doesn’t follow the original storyline, there are many nods to the story we’ve come to know and love. Captain Hook is a schemer but also a flirt and while Tiger Lily is a Caucasian girl rather than Native American, her tribe is a mixture of a variety of ethnicities.

​ The fun action and exciting storyline make this a perfect movie for the whole family. Children will love the sword fights and pirate ship battles. Adults will understand the nods towards the original storyline as well as the twist on James Hook’s character. Who knew he wasn’t always a bad guy!

​ But if you are going in expecting this story to remain true to the original, you will be sorely disappointed. Leave your preconceived notions at the door and enjoy a family friendly movie!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Hearts of Braden

The Hearts of Braden is a series written by 8 authors about a not so sleepy little town in Iowa. The first book releases Oct 6th, second Oct 30th and every two weeks until the new year.

They will be guests on blog Talk Radio -October 13 -9PM EST 8 PM CST
World Of Ink Network 
Triple B. Baking Co.-Book One by Michel Prince Released October 6, 2015
Merryn Sota and Austin Larsen have known loss. Merryn ran until she couldn't any more, Austin retreated into himself. But sweets aren't the only thing cooking at Braden's new bakery. Can two people who run to avoid the hurt that comes with love slow down enough to see that not all treats come out of an oven?
The Heartbreaker - Book Two by Tricia Andersen Released October 30, 2015
Every day in Braden is the same for town librarian Lily Dixon. That is until MMA fighter Reese Cooper walks back into her life, forced home to rehabilitate from a devastating injury in the octagon. His kisses, his touch are far better than any fantasy she's ever had. Is she willing to risk everything when her preacher father finds out about her love affair with the town bad boy? And what will happen when Reese returns to Vegas and leaves her alone in Braden?
Book Three by Kim Dahl Releasing November 3rd, 2015
Sam’s last clue to his sister’s disappearance is Braden Iowa. But its three years old. Lola McBride finds him after an attack in the woods. Someone has make it clear they don’t want him asking questions. What happened to his sister and who is trying to hide the answers he seeks? Can he find the truth?
Secrets and Lies - Book Four by Susanne Matthews, Released November 17, 2015
DEA agent Emily Shepherd is after the Chef, a faceless crystal meth cook responsible for the deaths of her husband and unborn child. Braden, Iowa, a town in turmoil thanks to a killer tornado, is the perfect place for the Chef to set up shop. But identifying her quarry won’t be easy. The town is full of strangers and the school's attractive principal, Jackson Harris, could be at the center of it all.
Heart Nectar - Book Five by Davee Jones, Release date December 1, 2015
Best friends, Nixie Bieber and Mindie Larsen, opened a small winery with the hopes to become a leading producer of Midwestern wine. Acquiring the funds to expand their promising operation hinges on the cooperation of brothers, George and Charles Stansfield. Sexy and powerful, these twin brothers bring more than the girls bargained for from a simple business deal.
No Love Lost - Book Six by Troy Storm, Release date December 15, 2015.
Recovering from horrendous deployments in the Mid-east, local boy Ches has hooked up with dark-skinned Josey, who has become a respected businessman in Braden and is the rock on which Ches is building his life. A well-meaning but clueless social worker storms into the picture, but Maddy clues in quickly when she realizes she has awakened a whole new set of possibilities that is anything but black and white in the incredibly sexy trio.
Heart Song-Book Seven by Molly Daniels, Release Date December 29, 2015
Broadway pianist Shana Worthington rushes home to help run her family's hotel while her father recupperates from a stroke.  When she reunites with her high school sweetheart, will the sparks of desire burst into something more?
Current rock star Aiden Kross sees Shana's potential as a songwriter.  Will Shana's career again overrule her heart?
Love vs fame.  Which will she choose?
Ring of Truth - Book Eight by Sherry Gloag, Release date January 2016
How can one ring become embroiled in a catalogue of lies, theft, broken promises, unrealistic demands and--love?
Noelle McBride vows to walk away from her inheritance when she learns the ring her mother promised would be hers now comes with, more like ropes, attached.
Reed Tanner is within a whisker of recoveriing the ring stolen from his Grandma until he learns about the conditions that will guarantee its return to his family.

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