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Author Lynn Steward Returns to World of Ink Network to Discuss Her Newest Book

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On today's show, Author Lynn Steward returns to chat about her Dana McGarry series. Lynn Steward spent many years in New York City’s fashion industry in marketing and merchandising, including the development of the first women’s department at a famous men’s clothing store. Through extensive research, and an intimate knowledge of the period, Steward created the characters and stories for a series of five authentic and heartwarming novels about New York in the seventies. A Very Good Life, Steward’s debut novel, was published in March 2014 and twice ranked #1 on Amazon.

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Although Lynn Steward’s debut novel, A Very Good Life, takes place in 1970s New York City, the emotional story transcends any period. Dana McGarry is  living a privileged lifestyle of a well-heeled junior executive at B. Altman, a high end department store. With a storybook husband and a fairytale life, change comes swiftly and unexpectedly. Cracks begin to appear in the perfect facade. Challenged at work by unethical demands, and the growing awareness that her relationship with her distant husband is strained, Dana must deal with the unwanted changes in her life. Can she find her place in the new world where women can have a voice, or will she allow herself to be manipulated into doing things that go against her growing self-confidence?
A Very Good Life chronicles the perils and rewards of Dana’s journey, alongside some of the most legendary women of the twentieth century. From parties at Café des Artistes to the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony, from meetings with business icons like Estée Lauder to cocktail receptions with celebrity guests like legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland. Steward’s intimate knowledge of the period brings to life a relatable story about a woman’s quest for independence.
A Very Good Life ranked #1 on Amazon’s list of 100 Top Free eBooks in Literary and Fiction
At the cutting edge of women’s fashion in the 1970s, an underestimated young woman leaves a broken marriage and her lethal charm goes to work to remake retail, and herself, at New York’s most glamorous department store.
Newly single, Dana McGarry learns she must divorce herself from more than a bad marriage to succeed.  Not only must she prove to overly protective family and friends that she can make it on her own, but she also must challenge an antagonistic boss who keeps standing in her way. Moving out of her comfort zone and into the arms of a dynamic businessman, Dana bets it all on a daring new move that will advance her career, but at what price?  Her dreams within reach, Dana’s world is shattered in a New York minute when a life is threatened, a secret is revealed, and her heart is broken.
The series follows Dana McGarry’s rise in the fashion industry from a buyer at the legendary B. Altman department store to the youngest woman owner of a couture house on Seventh Avenue. It may be the dawn of the women’s movement, but, in the world of women’s fashion, there’s no sisterly-love.  Dana is stymied by an unyielding boss who bonds with a jealous fashion director whom Dana has replaced as the executive vice president’s protégé.  In her personal life, not unlike Coco Chanel, Dana’s wealthy suitors open doors and opportunities to further her career, and, like Chanel, Dana “never wanted to weigh more heavily on a man than a bird.”
Intermingling fashion legends, iconic business women, real events, and untold stories of that time, The Dana McGarry Series is rich with historic content. In Dana’s world are spirited multi-generational women who are determined to make their mark, and conflicted men who are keeping up appearances with secrets, lies, deception, and manipulation.
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Movie review - Meliisa Keir Reviewer

Johnny Depp is scary as Whitey Bulger in Black Mass but it’s not enough to make this movie a blockbuster. I’m giving it a B-.

James “Whitey” Bulger grew up on the streets of South Boston and made a name for himself as a thug. After a stint in Alcatraz, he sets out to hit the big time as a leader of the Irish Mafia in Boston. With the help of the FBI, his killing spree becomes legendary.

Black Mass comes across as a documentary, detailing the rise and fall of James Bulger. Johnny Depp is almost unrecognizable with the bald patch and blue eyes but it’s the stillness, the obsessive control that shows his depth of getting into the mind and personality of this killer. It might garner him a few award nods.

There’s really no characters to connect with in this story and that’s what makes this movie hard to love. You come away with a better understanding of James Bulger and his team, but you’re not sorry for the choices they made. Everyone was fodder if they got in his way or went against him. I found myself admiring his cunning at using others for his own benefit (such as the FBI), but hated that he used everyone in his life…his brother, friends…and no one was safe from his retribution. He gives new meaning to cold-blooded killer.

Benedict Cumberbatch did an amazing job as James’s younger brother who was an important figure in Boston’s government. The question of how much his influence kept Whitey safe, was never really answered. I don’t think we will really know. But he wasn’t the only big name…Dakota Johnson and Kevin Bacon also had wonderful performances.

Black Mass would make a wonderful drinking game movie, since there’s so many F bombs that you would be smashed in the first fifteen minutes of the film. The numerous cold-blooded assassinations make this a movie not for the faint of heart.

Pediatric Cancer Patients Given a Chance to Achieve Dreams

Come listen to BTR's Featured World of Ink Network each week as we bring you shows on
writing, books, humanities, author interviews, self-help and much more.
Your host for the show will be award-winning author and Mom's Choice Honoree, Virginia S Grenier.
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Our show topic: True Heroes: A Treasury of Modern-Day Fairy Tales

After teaching himself photography, Jonathan Diaz spent evenings and weekends doing photo shoots of pediatric cancer patients acting out their wildest dreams. From JP Gibson, who wanted to be a member of the Utah Jazz, to Ethan Van Leuven, who wanted to be Batman and a Doctor ( , Diaz has photographed and created videos for over 20 kids accomplishing their dreams (
These photographs were paired with short stories from best-selling authors such as Tyler Whitesides, Shannon Hale, Brandon Mull, Ally Condie and Jennifer Nielsen.

Listen live at 3pm Eastern - 2pm Central - 1pm Mountain - 12 noon Pacific or on demand any time you'd like here on BlogTalkRadio, Facebook or iTunes.

The World Of Ink Network has endeavored to create radio shows geared toward excellence in the reading/publishing community. As our company has grown to a viral reach of nearly two million, we have decided to step into a new and exciting adventure. If you'd like to be on our network or need commercial advertising, marketing and writing help, please visit our website

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WOI on Pediatric Cancer Patients Given a Chance to Achieve Dreams 09/09 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Books Podcasts

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Getting Books In Libraries

If you're a self-published author who is trying to promote your book and get it into bookstores, why not try getting it into a library first? Libraries are great marketing tools - they enable people to read your book and tell other people about it, making it more well-known and easier to eventually sell to bookstores.


  1. 1
    Ensure that your book is high quality. Many people are wary of self-published books because they believe that they are low quality. Make sure that your book is formatted and has been carefully edited. Also, choose your bindings carefully, as libraries generally won't stock books with that are comb bound, spiral bound, or saddle stitched (stapled). It's a good idea to call your local library and ask them what their requirements are. Ensure that the cover makes the book look professional and interesting, as many people do judge a book by its cover.

  2. 2
    Promote your book. Start promoting your book before contacting libraries to get the word out and show that you're serious. Create a website or blog for your book, and make sure it looks professional.
  3. 3
    Be professional. Find out who the acquisitions librarian is (the librarian who purchases books for the library or branch), and call her, email her, or set up a brief meeting with her to ask about donating some copies of your books. Don't just put your book in the donations bin or hand it to a random librarian at the check out counter - chances are it will end up in a book sale that way. Be polite, professional, and respectful. Consider giving her a copy to look over if she seems unsure about your book.
  4. 4
    Be prepared to donate a few copies. Libraries are usually non-profit organizations, and as such, they like donations. However, most libraries will require you to donate more than one copy of your book, as it costs money to catalogue it and is only worth their time and money if there's more than one copy in their library. Some libraries have special systems or sections in the library specifically for self-published local authors, so enquire about that.
  5. 5
    Get a review. In order to not only get the attention of the not only the librarians, but the general public, get your book reviewed. Try to land a review from Library Journal, CHOICE, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, or Kirkus Reviews. There are also programs that will send flyers about your book to local libraries for a fee.
  6. 6
    Ask others to request your book. Libraries usually take requests seriously, so it's a great way to get them to put your book on the shelves. Ask some friends and family members to request your book. Be careful that you don't have them submit dozens of spam-like requests for your book; librarians can tell which requests are fake and which are legitimate, and they won't be happy if you waste their time with fake requests.
  7. 7
    Continue marketing your book. Once you get the book on the library shelves, your battle isn't necessarily over. Libraries will usually weed out books if they don't circulate well to free up shelf space for books that will. Make sure to promote your book as much as possible to ensure that people want to take it out.

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How Important is Twitter to Social Media - Host Marsha Casper Cook


Join Marsha Casper Cook when she discusses Social Media and making it work for you on Thursday September 17 at 4PM EST 3 PM CST 2 PM MT 1 PM PST with her special guest Mindy Halleck, an expert on social Media, especially Twitter.

Marsha Casper Cook - Partner of the World of Ink Network, Agent, Award-winning Script Writer, Novelist, Writing Coach, Media Release Specialist, Blog Talk Radio Host and Founder of Michigan Avenue Media. Marsha Casper Cook is the author of 8 published books and 11 feature-length screenplays, some optioned, a literary agent with 18 years of experience and the host of BTR's World of Ink Network shows: A Good Story Is A Good Story where she has recorded over 500 shows.

Mindy Halleck is an award winning author who lives in the Pacific Northwest. In 2015 her short story, A MOTHER’S CONFESSION won first place in the Writer’s Digest Fiction Writing Contest, and another of her short stories, THE FRENCHMAN, won first place in the Edmond’s EPIC Fiction Writing Contest.

Mindy’s debut novel, RETURN TO SENDER was released by Booktrope Books in 2014 and continues to garner 5 Star reviews.

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