Monday, July 6, 2015

Magic Mike Review - by Melissa Keir

Three years after the last movie, Mike’s made his dream come true of being a business owner. He has his own custom furniture shop but little else. The dream of a wife and kids is up in smoke. When he gets a mysterious phone call about the death of Dallas, he decides to visit the old gang. 

Magic Mike XXL is a trip down memory lane for Mike who’s buddies are also not really ready to grow up and let go of the lifestyle, the women or the money. So off they go on one last adventure to Myrtle Beach.

Having spent many a summer (nearly 20) at Myrtle Beach, I must have missed this whole part of town. Jada Pinkett Smith plays Rome-a former flame of Mikes who teaches the boys how to up their game with class. And pay close attention as she is instructing because you might miss Michael Strahan of morning TV and football fame as a sexy stripper. In fact, this movie has some surprising guest roles from Addie McDowell as the rich, southern mom and Elizabeth Banks as the venue coordinator (Isn’t she everywhere these days?)

Picture Not surprising, the boys rock it out and we have a bromance ending- hot chicks, money, and smiles! Really the only way I think to view this movie is with a bunch of your closest friends after a few too many cocktails or on your DVD player so you can watch those moves again and again. For this queen… I’ll take my King with a little more romance and intelligence.

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