Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Unfinished Business - Movie review by Melissa Keir

 Review  by  Melissa Keir

How many of us have dreamed of telling off our boss and starting our own company, especially after being forced to take a pay cut? I'm sure I see a bunch of hands up. That's the premise of Unfinished Business. I give it a D.

If you have seen a Vince Vaughn movie, you know he plays the same character in each of his movies. This one is no different. The bumbling guy who has horrible things happen to him, outside of his control...spoofs and physical comedy abound. But even the nudity of the "spitz bath" couldn't save this movie. It says something when more people laugh at a preview of an upcoming movie more than they laugh during this one. My husband said that this movie is one with a few good laughs but is quickly forgotten when you walk out the door. 

The biggest problem with this movie was the way it hits you over the head with a message--No Bullying. It takes away from the "fun" of comedy when the viewer is constantly brought back to the children getting bullied, being a bully and how in a sense even Mr. Vaughn's character is bullied. When you go to a comedy, you just want to enjoy and escape for a couple of hours. The best scene take place at a gay bar but even those five minutes on the screen couldn't redeem the rest of the movie.

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