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Meet Isabella Pimpinella -

Monday, March 23, 2015

Meet Isabella Pimpinella - Kids love her - Free on Kindle - Monday & Tuesday - March 23 & 24


Isabella Pimpinella‘s Magical Potion is a fun imaginative read for the early reader as well as the more advanced. The true test of bravery begins with thirteen little girls and a cat named Bogart who have the time of their life at the greatest sleepover ever. It’s not only fun it's magical. 

Magical Potion Chant
 “Here we are

Ready at last.

To make our potion

A potion of the past.

A potion for now

A potion for then.

Please give us the okay

To be on our way!”

Suddenly, the air became still. An amazing quiet filled the room. Even
Twyla was quiet. Isabella nodded for Bogart to begin. Bogart looked at
Isabella. Then, everything happened so fast. Isabella couldn’t believe
her eyes. Bogart jumped right into the kettle. Isabella was shocked by
what came next. Bogart was doing the backstroke and waving to everyone.

Twyla couldn’t stop laughing. Isabella wanted to laugh but didn’t.
Instead, she began to count.

“One, two, three

Please dear Bogart

Come out, Come out.

The show is now over

It’s time to begin

We all can see

You really can swim.”

There was a big splash and Bogart jumped out.

Again, Isabella began to chant.

“Bones, bones

Come to me

Inside our potion

Is where you want to be.”

Each junior witch was given a small bag, filled to the top.

“Garlic and onions will give it some taste.

Milk and flour will make it like paste.

Corn and nuts will be a plus.

And if that’s not enough,

We’ll put in more stuff.

Ice cream, eggs, raisins and honey.

Now it’s beginning to smell really funny.”

 The final chant began:

“Lizards, lizards

It’s time to leave.

So hurry to the top

And out you will pop.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Please swim to the top.

And out you will come

Plop, plop, plop!”

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