Tuesday, March 3, 2015


 Review by Melissa Keir
Can you extend life or even bring someone back after they are dead? The medical students in the movie, The Lazarus Effect set out to do that, only something goes horribly wrong. I give this horror movie a B-.

Horror movies are supposed to surprise and scare you. Dead bodies abound. Everyone is collateral. This movie certainly gives you the jumps. Surprises astound as the medical students set out to find a way to bring someone back to life. I loved the way that ending shocked you and set things up for what might happen next. However, pieces of the storyline felt reused…Rocky the dog, reminded me of Cujo and Zoe using all of her brain functions which gives her extra powers reminded me of Lucy. 

The Lazarus Effect features some interesting messages about Heaven, Hell and Life after Death. But since this is a horror movie, those urges to dig deeper pass pretty quickly. And if you do get caught up in the urge to analyze, the next surprising twist will make you forget. Looking for a good escape from the snow, bring your main squeeze to see The Lazarus Effect…at least you have someone to hold on to. 

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