Monday, February 23, 2015

WOI Virtual Tour: Cover Reveal for Practical Proverbs for Everyday Living by Lawrence Elliott

About the Book:
This book gives the reader keys to unlock the mysteries of life in a simple, but yet profound way. The proverbs will assist you with avoiding unnecessary problems. The principles in this book will teach you how to go through your preordained trials with patience, joy and peace in order for you to come out victorious. These teachings of wisdom will provide insight and inspiration to safely guide you through the uncharted waters of your life. Be blessed.

Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.
ISBN Number: 978-1-61244-286-0
Genre of Book: Religious/Spiritual
Publication Date: October 2014
Places available for sale: Bookstores & Online
e-Book Available in Nook & Kindle     

About the Author:
Lawrence Elliott was born in one of the beautiful islands of the Bahamas called New Providence. He is married to a lovely lady named Deborah. His passion is to teach the laws of life in a practical way. Presently, he volunteers teaching junior high school boys the word of God, in a group called the Christian Boys Movement. Additionally, Mr. Elliott volunteered teaching ‘at risk’ high school boys, the principles of life at a special institute designed for them.

The home is the structural foundation of the family. It is supposed to be a haven of love, and every member of the family should look forward to going home. It is where principles, morals, and values are formed. Although other segments of society influence children, such as the school, church, and social clubs, the home plays a more crucial role in their upbringing. It is where little minds are molded. It is better to have a home of
love without luxury rather than a home of luxury without love. If God gives you both, consider it a phenomenal blessing.

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