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Interview with YA Author A.J. Tupps - Shadow TEARS

Aimee Tupps grew up in a small farm community in Connersville, Indiana.  She currently resides in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  In her spare time she enjoys daydreaming, traveling, sunsets, the outdoors but most of all spending time with her family.  As a young girl she entertained herself by living adventures from her imagination.  Aimee looks at every day as a blessing and another day to make her dreams a reality.  She is still in touch with her inner teenager and enjoys the mischief she can get into. Family is one of the most important things in her life.  She has a degree in Medical Transcription.  Currently she works as an optical technician/tester.  She has one adoring husband who joins in her mischief or is the recipient of it along with her two loveable children and one hyper dog. 

When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer? 
Stories from my imagination have always been a part of me.  I love storytelling and have practiced my entire life.  Since I was young I have written stories.  I can see my growth but there are three stories that I return to all the time.  The Shadow one is my favorite. 

Where did the inspiration for Shadow TEARS come from?
The title came from one of the hardest times in our family life.  My husband’s illness took control of our life and I invented this whole world with the help of my children.  We were staying in a hotel across from Cleveland Clinic. My little ones would stare out all those windows and they would have condensation on them.  My children didn’t whine or cry about what was happening in our life.  They thought this was the norm.  Nevertheless they would stand in front of those windows and I felt like the environment was crying for them.   I wanted my children to be able to face anything sent their way. 

What made you choose to write a novel?
My son one night wanted the book to read alone.  I didn’t have it.  It hit me that he and my daughter needed these stories even if I had to have them bound and printed at an office store. 

What is the main message or theme that you hope readers of this book come away from it with?
I want people to be able to face any challenge and to be able to overcome it.  This book was written with my children in mind.  I wanted my children to be able to face anything sent their way.  No illness would be allowed to steal our joy of life.  So I used things I saw that influenced those around me and put a paranormal spin to them.  Selena faces things that the average teenager and young adult faces while the adults face their own dilemmas.  This may be a sci-fi fantasy book but there are life lessons.  No problem is small to the person going through the event but they can be overcomed.

Who is your favorite author?
I love too many to choose. 

Do you have a writing routine? A special pen, a certain type of music, time limits?
I have a cozy room in my home that is for my writing.  This room contains more than just the normal thing you find in a study.  I am a person who loves comfort and my family.  We have three desks and have always had a children’s corner.  I have a comfy chair to read new releases from my favorite authors or to play Destiny Ninja Warrior.  Yeah, I am in touch with my inner teenager.  Crazy, I know.  I write on my computer and I do use notebooks that I write in too.  This one little room is the heart of the house in many ways.  The children call it the comfy room that is warm.

We do have time limits in a way but my children are grown now.  We eat dinner as a family after work. I do work late into the night on my books. 

Music is not background noise in our house.  It is an event no matter what type it is.  We are a musical family and love all types of music.  We listen to classical, foreign, to the modern genres.  In fact I have a young gentleman who writes beautiful music and he has enhanced my book with music made just for my series.  I can’t wait to share them.  He is in the process of copyrighting them so it won’t be much longer.  He has done several styles of music but the music he has created for Shadow Tears is perfect.  It matches.

Do you enjoy edits/rewrites, or not?
It all depends on my mood.  I love to write more than edit. 

Please tell us a little bit about your journey to publication:

What is the hardest part of being a writer?

When you're not writing, what are your other hobbies/passions?
My family is my passion.  We hike and go to the beach.  We do live in Michigan and are surrounded by water.  We love the outdoors and play well together.  The girls are into reading, music and art while my boys are different.  Tyler is a gamer and historian.  He is in college now.  My hubby is a lot like Shep.  He loves holidays, movies and the outdoors.  We all love to listen to old radio shows.  Meggan is an artist and loves history and music.  We love being a family.

Are you working on any new projects?
I am working on the whole series but the main project now is Book 2.  This is a small peek.
I will start editing book two after the Christmas Holiday.  This Christmas will be a similar holiday to the one when Shadow Tears began since my husband has had a reoccurrence of his cancer.  I will keep working on it so we can get in to your hands. 

Book 2 Shadow -------- tba
Selena, Matthew barely survived their first encounter with their Shadow enemies.  They were shoved into what Shadows term as a vortex to stabilize their Shadow genes from disintegrating into nothingness.  Afterwards they are delivered from the vortex into the arms of Shep and Victor.  The children will need time to heal while they enjoy their first Christmas together with their friends and family in the Shadow Realm.  During the next several months Selena and Matthew will discover their rich heritage, visit the main Capitol of the Shadow Realm, Troy.  The Shadow Realm is just like Jared’s journals had described. 

A new year looms on the horizon as does the enemy.  Shep and Billy expect this year to be more challenging since the enemy is aware Selena exists.  They are fairly certain none of the enemy returned home to report what they had found, so hopefully Selena will remain safe for now.  That poor child has no idea what her first steps back onto these grounds have announced.  The sisters of fate seem to be untwining their twine.  May Zeus deliver them all from Cronos.

Quick Fire round:

Coke or Pepsi?   Pepsi
Chocolate or Vanilla?   Chocolate
Rainy winter days or blazing hot summer days?   Blazing hot summer days
Hard Copy or e-book?   ebook
Favorite book?   Shadow Tears
Last book you read?   Shadow Tears
What's a quote that inspires you?   Tomorrow is another day
What's your favorite comfort food?   icing

Title: Shadow Tears
Author: A. J. Tupps
ISBN: 978-1-61244-310-2
Page count: 302
Genre: Young Adult – Coming of Age Novel
Price: $16.95 for paperback and $5.99 e-book

About the book:
Shadow Tears is the first book in a series. In this book you meet Selena Goodwin who discovers more about her heritage than she ever wanted. She has special abilities that are fascinating while others are frightening to her.  All her beliefs are tested when she finds out that the mortal rules don’t apply to everybody or everything.  Her knowledge of the supernatural and myths might become her only means to survive.  She must accept who she is meant to be. 

Being thrust into a world full of secrets, danger, and a family she didn’t know existed is overwhelming, not to mention a responsibility. Luckily she still has the love and support of her adoptive father who had known all along who she is meant to be.  To make things worse she discovers her very existence is threatened by an unknown enemy.  The normal obstacles of being a teenager are hard enough. Now she has to learn how to live a lie while falling in love and accepting her life as it was meant to be. High school is supposed to be the best years of your life. 

Selena must rely on strangers who she is not sure are reliable. The only person she can rely on must stand between her and the possibility of death.  Selena faces these realms with reality always reminding her she is fallible. Yet she can overcome anything with the love of her family and friends.  

Where can we go to buy your book?
Shadow Tears is now available on the Halo Publishing website,, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Nook, Bowker Books, Ingram Distributing, B. Dalton, and many more

Author Website:

Twitter URL: AjTupps@AjTupps

Facebook URL: 


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