Saturday, November 22, 2014


Cyber Monday is the Monday after thanksgiving.It is an internet buying spree. Since NO ONE works on Thanksgiving week, we are holding this show--the week before.

BTR host Bennet Pomerantz from the Any Which Way But Loose show will be hosting a special WOI show this Saturday at 9pm Eastern - 8pm Central - 7pm Mountain - 6pm Pacific. This show has  35 authors + discussing their books available for the holiday season. This is a show you won't want to miss if you have book lovers in the family or maybe to get a few new titles on your Christmas want list.

Scheduled guests for this special broadcast include Christine Nolfi, Robin Peterman, Renee George, Sherri  Hayes, Mark David Gerson,KB Miller, PI Barrington, Mellisa Keir, Kelly Abell, ES Tilton, Barbara Watkins, Madison Sevier,Michel Prince, Sharon Kreps, Lori Hayes, Deb Julienne, Dellani Oakes, Rachel Thompson,TJ Michaels, Lindsay Downs,,Brooklyn Ann, Bonnie Paulson, Kathleen Ball, Christine Fonseca, Dawn Montrgomery, Lee ann Sontheimer Murphy, Elizabeth Black, Rod Belcher, Jodi Olson , Ashley Fontainne and many more.

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