Saturday, November 15, 2014

Virginia Templeton Tells All!

 Take your pick - they all know how to do it!

I wanted to make sure you get the story right so I’m telling it.  When I tell a story it’s one hundred percent truthful unless I feel like lying. I went to a Psychiatrist for years; actually it wasn’t just one it was more like ten. Most of them let me go after a few weeks and told me to come back when I was ready to commit to helping myself. That day never did come but there was one of them who actually meant something to me. It didn’t last but maybe it could have.
 I think he was falling for me or something like that. He sent me packing and I decided the only way I was going to see a Psychiatrist was in bed, and it did happen. It wasn’t in bed it was actually on the floor but he was damn sexy and that would be Nicholas Waters. It could have gone further but somehow life got in the way and possibly my bad behavior and the fact that he was married complicated the whole damn situation.   
Before I go any further I should add that during my time in therapy I was also married, but that never stopped me from taking advantage of a sexy man. So goes the saga of Virginia Templeton, that’s me.
There are a few other other things I should let you in on that are one hundred and ten percent truthful. You will have to decide later if you believe me or not. That’s the fun of life; it’s a journey of surprises.   
I should tell you that after an incredible sexual evening with my husband Slater, a rich Chicago billionaire, who I wasn’t in love with, died. I wasn’t exactly devastated and actually I was quite happy to finally be able to do whatever I wanted, not that I didn’t. I did, but shall we say the public didn’t need the sordid details of my continuing affairs with some of the most influential men in Chicago. I did have fun.
There’s always something magical about secrets.  I love keeping secrets. That is exactly how I met Slater Templeton. I was a high class party girl but no one knew it. There were many guys in my repertoire who knew each other but that was my secret. This high class party girl went to college with the money she made from fucking men who didn’t get enough at home and had a great deal of money. They pissed away money like you wouldn’t believe.
There was one other special man who shall remain nameless for now who hired me just to have someone to talk to. When our visits were over he made a deal with me that if I stopped all my irresponsible  behavior he would pay my tuition for school and any back loans I had acquired. I agreed and that was that.
I did end up marrying Slater who seemed to be fine with my reckless but exciting history. I assumed that was because he wasn’t pristine either.  We had one common element in our relationship that brought us together and that was both of us could tell a lie with a straight face and no one was the wiser.
After he died and the will was read there a lot of surprises but right now that doesn’t matter because a short while after his so called death I found out the incredibly insane truth. He had planned his death and was in Argentina collecting money from a fund he had set up for himself with the help of the company’s senior corporate controller, Sean Warner.
Now this guy was a piece of work. He needed money to pay off his debts but right now he’s sitting in jail and that is just fine with me. He’s a son of a bitch and as far as I’m concerned he can rot in hell and he just might do that. He couldn’t afford a good lawyer and I did spread the word around that he was poison so no one helped him. What a shame.
Well, back to Slater and my life with him. Yes, he was an asshole and that is what I get for wanting to marry a rich high profile guy. When I found out he faked his death I was so fucking mad if he would have been standing in front of me I would have killed him. I still might! That’s all you have to know for now, but you can read the collection of The Virginia Templeton Stories to find out exactly how I got to this moment.

Virginia Templeton

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