Sunday, June 8, 2014

Romance -Special show - Leigh Michaels and Jean Joachim

Special Romance Writers show with Marsha's very special guests Jean Joachim and Leigh Michaels on Tuesday June 9 at 8PM CST 9PM EST. Both of these authors are very successful and extremely helpful to new authors which in itself is a very time consuming job but they both know how difficult this business is.

Leigh Michaels is the author of more than 80 contemporary romance novels published by Harlequin Books and has received Reviewer's Choice awards from Romantic Times. She teaches romance writing at in-person seminars and on the Internet at Gotham Writer's Workshop and at Barnes & Noble University, and has written articles for Writer's Digest, The Writer, and the RWA journal.

Jean Joachim  is a wife and mother of two sons, is owned by a rescued pug, named Homer. She’d been writing non-fiction for what seemed like forever until she got up the nerve to try fiction. It was love. Now she spends her days in New York City in the company of her characters, with a cup of tea and a secret stash of black licorice. She is also doing radio interviews on “The Book Club” with John Austin.

Please feel free to call in if you have any questions.(714) 242-5259
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