Sunday, June 29, 2014

Please join Marsha on July 30 at 8 PM CT 9PM EST with best selling author M.R. Joseph as her journey in the publishing world continues to grow.

Marsha is partner of the World of Ink Network, Agent, Award-winning Script Writer, Novelist, Writing Coach, Media Release Specialist. Marsha is also the author of several  published books and 11 feature-length screenplays, a literary agent with 15 years of experience.

M R Joseph is an author who loves the 'Happily Ever After' mixed with a bit of suspense, drama, and the occasional cliffhanger! Her first series 'The Reunion Series' debuted in November 2012 and two books followed, those being stand lone novels. Her  new series 'The Shore Series' released in March 2014. She’s also an avid reader and huge Indie Author supporter!

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