Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meet the Hosts of the World of Ink Network on the What is Success Show

The What is Success show is on the 1st Wed. of every month with host Virginia S Grenier. Each month the show touches on different topics about the movie, publishing, marketing and even inspirational worlds around us. The guest each bring their own view point on what makes people success in their careers and life.

This month listeners will get to meet the Hosts of the Featured World of Ink Network here on Blog Talk Radio. The hosts from WOI will share not only about their different shows, but also the other projects they are working on outside of talk radio.
We will be joined by Marsha Casper Cook from A Good Story is A Story; Rj Jefferies from The Write Step; Irene Roth from Families Matter; Willow Cross and Tracee Ford from The Paranormal Hour; Virginia S Grenier from The Writing Mama and Stories for Children; and lastly Bennet Pomerantz co-host and new WOI host.

Learn more about the hosts and our network at
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