Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Edge with Cassandre Dayne | Writing Podcasts

Join Cassandre Dayne as she talks with artists who take their work to the edge. On Sunday, January 12th at 2 pm EST - she'll  be talking with Don Martin, the author of Sol. His work has been called stunning as well as terrifying in its predictions of the future. "Mankind is facing the biggest challenge he has ever faced. THe human race will be extinct in 5 - 7 years." With an opening like this, you can imagine the rest of the story.
His life is extraordinary in many ways and Cassandre will highlight his accomplishments as well as his hopes for the future. Our worlds and life don't always go exactly as planned...

 Listen to the show at
The Edge with Cassandre Dayne 01/12 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Writing Podcasts

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