Friday, October 18, 2013

Join Cassandre Dayne on October 20th at 2pm EST as she hosts a scintillating show highlighting the dark and dangerous works of authors, musicians and artists - who take their work to the edge of reason, terror, beauty and eroticism.
This week we're highlighting Elizabeth Black - a very talented horror and erotica author. Her titles include:  Purr, Don't Call Me Baby and Trouble in Thigh High Boots. She's wicked, wild and also reviews sex toys so you know this show is going to be HOT.
In addition we're going to talk censorship with added guest Bennet Pomerantz. His radio shows highlight authors of every genre - including the sinful erotic realm. He's also a talented reveiwer.
Why is censorship wrong? How does this ridiculous concept ridicule all artists? Come find out and weigh in on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo pulling erotic titles.
In addition, find out what makes Elizabeth's inner beast tick - writing or censorship? You be the judge.
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