Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Virgnia Templeton Has had some work done. Don't most women!

Virginia Templeton has had some work done!


         Every Man Wants Her

Virginia Templeton was one sexy Diva. In this first story of the Virginia Templeton series, Virginia pretends that she will seek Psychiatric help for what her husband considers a medical condition, enjoying sex with other men. Not that he really cared because he also loved having sex, with other woman. They deserved each other.

Virginia had ten years of marriage to Slater Templeton, a miserable son of a bitch, who had built up an empire far beyond anything anyone could have imagined. He was all about making money and having power, exactly the same goal as his wife. The only problem was they each had their own agenda.

They were a power couple. Virginia was the Diva and Slater was the Demon. They didn’t love each other but their powerful empire was their bond to each other. They both had secrets that would be with them until death do they part.

                                It’s Never Enough

In the second story of the Virginia Templeton series Virginia had a setback in her marriage and was forced to make some very tough decisions. When she discovered her husband was not the man she thought he was she didn’t panic, she took action. She was beautiful but more than that she was smart. She surprised everyone with her amazing credentials. She may have clawed her way to the top but Virginia never forgot how hard it was. On the other hand, she knew she could change her destiny and when everyone found out they would have no choice but to respect her intelligence.

 She enjoyed being roguish and she loved having sex. Between being a little bit mischievous and very naughty she kept herself busy and on track. To her, confidence was everything. The stakes were high but the game would be fun.

                             Stepping Up Her Game
In the third story of the Virginia Templeton series Virginia was certain she could step up her game and come out a winner. Failure was never in Virginia Templeton’s vocabulary.  During her intimate times with men she learned how to move up in the networking world. Chicago was her playground and power was the ultimate sexual pleasure.

She needed to know the truth as to why the Templeton Corporation was in serious financial trouble. She hired a private investigator to find out the truth, but before she knew it she was in bed with him. Her favorite saying was, give a man what he want in bed and he will give you whatever you want out of bed. This logic worked like a charm.

How could such a financially sound corporation lose so much money so quickly? When she finally put the pieces together, all hell broke loose. Could she bring The Templeton Corporation back on top? There was no doubt in her mind that nothing was going to stop her now.


Cover by: mostcool media, inc/JH Glaze
Formatted by: Mel's Easy E Book Formatting
Edited by: Jeff Fleischer

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