Friday, December 7, 2012

The Spy Game - Author J.D. Holiday Review by -Melissa Ann Goodwin

New Children's Book by J.D. Holiday "The Spy Game"

I'm delighted to let you know that author and illustrator J.D. Holiday's new picture book THE SPY GAME is out! Here's my review:
The Spy Game is a fun story about a boy named Eddie, whose family adopts a big black dog named Sidney. Eddie is not that thrilled about Sidney, because he wanted a puppy that he could train to do things, not a grown dog already set in its ways. Eddie's Uncle Reese said that Sidney had been named for a famous spy, but Eddie still wasn't impressed. I won't give the story line away, but let's just say that Sidney manages to impress after all, and together, he and Eddie use their spy skills to good effect.
J.D. has a unique illustration style that I like very much. I especially like the picture of Sidney when he smiles :).
This book would make a great gift for the early reader or to read aloud. The story is fun and the illustrations engaging. The book is available from, and J.D. is offering a discount of $2 that can be gotten by following the links here and selecting Book Garden Publishing:
for a sign copy of The Spy Game,
just $8.00/plus shipping!
Click HERE

JD HOLIDAY is a children's book author and illustrator

Janoose the Goose
The Spy Game
Matt Shelley’s Halloween Misadventure, co-authored with Award Winning author Christy Condoleo

The Great Snowball Escapade

A chapbook of her short stories, called,  Trespasses, was published in 1994. Her short stories have been printed in literary magazines and she's had numerous articles about writing and publishing published. She is  a host on  a radio show for kids on The World of Ink Network at Blog Talk Radio,  called, It’s Story Time, Gather Round; An International Children's Reading Story Radio Show with Hosts Authors JD Holiday and Christy Condoleo.

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