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Interview with Bible Bites author Shirley Kufeldt

After growing up with four sisters in Illinois, then raising two daughters, Shirley Kufeldt and her husband left Illinois and her daughters to retire to Northern Wisconsin in 2007. Having participated in Bible studies for over 30 years and hearing of the efforts of so many others over the years to document their personal walk of faith, she developed the Bible Bites series. Mrs. Kufeldt participates in Tea Party activities as time allows and cares for her one grandchild (when asked) with joy.

What age range is your book for?

A: Probably fifth grade, age ten and older, all through adult hood.

Can you share a memory of yours or a story of you from when you were within the age range of your target readers?

A: During my middle school years, I attended Awana for several years. I can remember somebody asking me to give my testimony at some type of the presentation. I didn't want to do that and said no. Somehow, in spite of attending church all my growing up years no one ever asked me to accept Christ that I can recall. How could I miss the most important decision of my life because nobody ever asked the question? So Bible Bites ask pertinent questions: Will you acknowledge your sin and accept Christ as your Lord and Savior? Then will you allow Him to transform your life?

How has life changed for children today than when you were that age?

A: When I was a child, we played outside and the neighborhood was safe, using our imagination. We built tents in the backyard with clothespins and old blankets. Today children don't even have to imagine anything. Cartoons and DVD's create everything for children and little is left to the imagination. I recently attended a play where only four actors performed 100 different characters. I had to use my imagination and it was wonderful. Books do the same thing for children.

How is life still the same?

A: Parents love their children and grandparents still love their grandchildren. Home is always the best place to be with the same family traditions, recipes and sitting around the kitchen table. When my children were, little we spent at least one or two weeks at my mother’s summer cottage on a lake. They would play with their cousins outside for the whole time. I told them they would see the people who love them most in the entire world at Grandma’s.

What was your favorite toy or activity when you were younger?

A: During summer at my mom’s summer cottage, I loved to swim. We had to pick raspberries first; then as soon as we got back to the cottage, we’d go swimming. I've enjoyed swimming all my life. And just about every summer we still swim across the lake. We pack the canoe with life preservers, put on mask, fins and a snorkel and swim across the lake (takes about half an hour), then paddle the canoe back to the cottage.

What inspired this book and how did you decide on the age range for your book?

A: I chose all ages. I attended church all my life and missed the part that sinners have been given the opportunity to ACCEPT Jesus Christ as Savior in order to spend eternity in Heaven with Him only BECAUSE of Him. Heaven is His free gift, but it’s certainly not because “I’m a good person.” My first book is MEET GOD IN HIS SON, which includes verses but is definitely not a complete list to introduce people to verses that describe their sinfulness. God and His Son did something to bring sinners to Himself.  Because I missed God’s plan and lived so many years without His Guidance, I was inspired to compile this series. I chose a price point so that it is affordable at ever income level.  

There is one other very important consideration that I’d like to mention. I attended a support group for a number of years when I lived in Illinois. The books were large, lots of pages and blanks to fill in. Many times, I was the only one who ever did the homework about codependency. So many people attended for just one study or only one session. They gave up on themselves and how God could intervene on their behalf because they wouldn’t do the homework. Bible Bites makes that process so much easier because it’s only one verse at a time, at home, no homework, no confrontation, no shame. Just one sinner in need of hope and finding that in God.

For too many people, reading the Bible, God’s Word, is too much of a challenge so they neglect picking up a Bible and do not learn what God has to say about any number of topics. Too many people only know God as judge who only punishes sinners, but have a misguided conception of His love, grace and compassion. They blame God for the sins others commit against them. They live their lives based on misconceptions about God, and a secular lifestyle is the result. 

We each look differently at Scripture, and respond to and reflect on God’s Word based on “where we are today.”  In a non-threatening manner, Seekers are introduced to God as the One who loves them unconditionally and pursues them by answering prayer His Way: 
Definitely, Denied, Delayed, Differently, Distributed a bit at a time.  

BIBLE BITES booklets are small pocket-sized monthly journals that include current prayer requests and focused daily Scripture for journaling and reflection. This is a simple solution to a situation many would like to resolve. Through BIBLE BITES people can easily learn, memorize or meditate on Scripture as they journal regularly with direction and purpose.
  • Learn, memorize and meditate on Bible verses
  • List current prayer requests
  • Respond  and react to God’s Word “where you are each day”
  • Quickly Journal each day in a small topical booklet with a daily Scripture verse
  • Introduce God as the One who you them unconditionally
  • Use BIBLE BITES as an easy gift idea in place of a greeting card
  • Carry BIBLE BITES in pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack.
  • BIBLE BITES is inexpensive, sold over the internet.
  • Because it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Bible Bites firmly establishes the habit of spending five minutes each day with God’s Word.
Book Titles:
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61244-099-6

Paperback ISBN:  978-1-61244-100-9

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61244-101-6

Paperback ISBN:  978-1-61244-102-3

Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.

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  • Christian Devotional Journal
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  • Legacy
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