Thursday, October 25, 2012

BTR's World of Ink Network show: BOOK DISCUSSION with HOST FRAN LEWIS

Join Fran Lewis on Thursday October 25 at 3PM CST 4PM EST when she interviews Norb Vonnegut about his latest novel The Trust. He examines how some criminals hide behind the First Amendment and its guarantee of religious freedom.

The villain in this story, a real sicko, infiltrates a family's finances before they suspect anything is wrong. And it's up to Grove O'Rourke--stockbroker, good guy, a recurring character in my fiction--to put things right.

Norb is an avid cyclist and a Trustee with the American Foundation for the Blind and he loves books on tape.

Fran's second guest is Sarah York. Sarah is a Unitarian Universalist minister who made a splash with her slender inspirational books Remembering Well and Pilgrim Heart; fans won't be disappointed with this third volume, in which she turns her attention to hospitality.

What does it mean to encounter the stranger? In a world that seems increasingly anomic, how can we create intimacy? Stories from York's own life exemplify hospitality.

Sandra Elrod will be opening the chat room.
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