Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guest Post: Sprout Shares Her Story about the Book KA-BOOM!

When Alyce Joy decided to put me in her books, I was really excited. Sometimes things happen to me that I don’t plan, such as blowing up Taylor’s dollhouse. My mission would have been so much easier if that hadn’t happened.

A headache was roaring between my ears, while I was trying to convince her into believing I wasn’t just a dirty, fibbin’ fairy. I knew I was in trouble though, when she grabbed the flyswatter. I managed to think my way through this bad situation and we finally got on the right track.

When I did get through to Taylor, I found her to be a very sweet child. She came to realize, I could be a pretty neat friend. She wanted to hop lily pads in her daddy’s big pond, like the frogs do. The giant swallowtail butterfly flew her to the pond, landing on a green rock. We had to be quiet so we wouldn’t be critter bait. She was only four inches tall, like me.

            We were looking for Sir Leapsalot, the bullfrog. On the way, we met Snilly Snail. She was hurrying to get away from the Brattz brothers, Loozer and Doozer. We followed her to Miss Chipsie’s Chambers. The tunnel to her chambers was a fright for Taylor, but we made it okay.

            We thought we would be safe there, until the Brattz boys decided to dig us up. I knew then, it was time for me to take action. I sent for my friends, the bees, who wear yellow jackets. They took care of the situation and we were off again looking for Sir Leapsalot. Everything looked good. Then we had to take shelter from Tatterhead, the pileated woodpecker. We got ourselves into a bit of a dizzying spell, until I had to take matters into hand.

            We found Sir Leapsalot at the big pond and Taylor had a ball hopping lily pads on his back, except when they decided to come ashore. A huge fish hawk decided he wanted frog legs for dinner. I tried to reach my right foot with my left wing, but it was caught on a thistle and I couldn’t move. Miss Chipsie set me free, so I could foil the hawk.

            We said goodbye, for it was time to go. Taylor was snug in her butterfly seat, a monster snake hissed, she screamed, I made fog and we flew up in the sky towards Taylor’s home.  Sigh. 

About the Author: 
Alyce Joy was blessed with four children for whom she composed bedtime verses every night. That inspired her to publish a children’s book of prayers, entitled, “Priceless Gems.” When her children were grown, she began to write stories for her grandchildren.
Always fascinated with arts and crafts, she taught herself the art of pyrography. This fired her imagination, and she started burning life-sized pictures of wildlife onto all the doors of her home. Her wood burnings are scattered through the U.S. and Canada.
After deciding to put away her burning tools and torches, she enrolled in, and graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature.
Alyce Joy hopes every child who reads her stories will look forward to each new adventure, as her favorite fairy becomes entangled into many, outrageous happenstances.

Publisher: Halo Publishing Int.
ISBN-10: 161244069X
ISBN-13: 978-1612440699
Genre of Book: Children’s Chapter Book Fantasy Adventure

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