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October '11 World of Ink Tour with Author Camille Matthews

Camille Matthews, MSW, LCSW is a clinical social worker and writer who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, complex PTSD and attachment disorders. In 2002, she received her certification in the new field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) from the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association and established the Pathfinder Program in Farmington, NM where she treated adolescents, children and women victims of domestic violence using EAP.

She teamed with illustrator, Michelle Black to create the Quincy the Horse Books for children ages 5-10. Matthews was born and raised in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky where her father was a law school professor. She was an only child and her favorite thing to do was visit her grandparents and cousins. She is a lifelong equestrian, avid reader and student of politics who blogs and is an op ed contributor.  She relocated to the Reading, PA area from Northwestern New Mexico in 2010.

 Quincy Moves to the Desert (2nd Book - new)
ISBN Number: 9780981924014
Publication Date: March 2011

Book Blurb: In this second book of the Quincy the Horse series, Quincy and his friend, Beau, leave the comforts of home and go on a big trip. As they ride across the country on a huge horse van, Quincy sees amazing sights and learns new things, mostly about horses of course! Beau, who loves to talk, is in his element as Quincy's tour guide. Quincy Moves to the Desert is the story of Quincy's journey of self-discovery. Quincy has doubts about this journey at first but Beau explains why they need to go and before he knows it, Quincy is soaking up the sights and learning new things. He even begins to dream about his own possibilities and by the time they reach the desert, Quincy has learned something very important about himself.

 Quincy Finds a New Home (1st Book)
ISBN Number: 9780981924007
Publication Date: February 2009

Book Blurb: One day a new owner comes to the farm where Quincy lives and takes him to a new home. At first Quincy feels sad and confused. His new home is the biggest barn he has ever seen. The people at the new barn are friendly but Quincy is not sure of himself. The new barn is a VERY busy place. Quincy is ridden almost every day and when he is finished he gets a bath and CARROTS! Quincy meets a new friend named Beau but there is a BIG problem. There are horseshows every Sunday and Quincy does not know how to jump jumps and win ribbons. At first Quincy does not know what to do but in the end, Beau and Quincy find an answer.

Publisher: Pathfinder Equine Publications

Publisher Website:

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Genre of Book: Children’s Picture Book

Stories for Children Publishing will be touring author Camille Matthews and her picture books, Quincy Finds A New Home, published in 2009 and awarded a Mom’s Choice Gold in 2010 and the sequel, Quincy Moves to the Desert, which released in August 2011.

You can find out more about Camille Matthews’ World of Ink Author/Book Tour schedule at There will be giveaways, reviews, interviews, guest posts and more. Make sure to stop by and interact with Matthews and the hosts at the different stops by leaving comments and/or questions.

In addition, come listen to Blog Talk Radio’s World of Ink Network show: Stories for Children at The hosts VS Grenier, Kris Quinn Chirstopherson and Irene Roth will be chatting with Camille Matthews about her books, writing, the publishing industry and experiences with virtual tours. Matthews will also be sharing writing tips and trials, and tribulations of the writer’s life.

The show will be live October 10, 2011 at 2pm EST. You can tune in live at the World of Ink Network site at You can listen/call in at (714) 242-5259. (Note: if you can’t make the show, you can listen on demand at the same link.)

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