Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept. 21st: The Families Matter Show

The Families Matter show on BTR's World of Ink Network is a monthly show for families where no issue is to small or great for us to tackle. We want to share as much information and true stories as we can to help uplift and strengthen the family unit.

Your hosts are Kecia Burchan and VS Grenier.

Joining us will be Irene Roth, wonderful Children’s Author and Stories for Children Magazine Nonfiction Editor. She will be our shows new Producer.

This weeks topic: Standardized Testing and How Teachers are Teaching to Tests.
Here are some links to articles about standardized testing by Kecia Burcham.

This is a huge discussion going on all over the nation with No Child Left Behind and Teacher Accountability.  If we can get people thinking about it - many have strong opinions - maybe we can make a difference!

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