Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sexually Active Teens; Wake Up

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Sexually active teens, particularly girls, wake up!!!  Besides all of the risks involved in being sexually active prior to finishing childhood and school, the pregnancy rates are alarming.  Many girls are having sex not because they really want to but order to “keep their boyfriend”.  Some girls are even lying about being pregnant for the same reason.  Girls – boyfriends do not want to be daddies!!  They are not going to become responsible young men who will love you and your child forever because you tell them you’re pregnant. They are much more likely to run like the wind.  Whatever gives teen girls the idea that getting pregnant will “keep” someone??  That is so not how it works.

Here is the real scenario.  Girl pretends to be pregnant, boy runs off, or girl is pregnant; still no guarantees of boyfriend sticking around.  He may have told you he’d be there; he may have told you he loves you.  Words are cheap and people say a lot of things in the heat of the moment.  Don’t be stupid.  Ask a teenage mom who cannot get any kind of support financially or emotionally from the baby’s father. 
Child support cannot be enforced. Period.  Boys/men (hard to define in these situations), who do not work do not pay child support.  They do not work in jail or out of jail.  If they chose to continue to play, go to school, or find a new girlfriend, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.  The court will only garnish wages of an employed person.  If they choose not to be employed, there is no wage to garnish. They cannot be forced to get a job, and certainly can’t keep a job they don’t want.  Many of them deliberately move from job to job as soon as the garnishment takes effect.  If they work for someone for cash, you can’t get that either unless they choose to give it to you.  The law is not on your side.  If they are sent to jail, there is still no money to garnish.  Guess whose job it is to take care of the baby??  The pregnant girl; that’s it, and she is the one who is ultimately responsible.  It doesn’t matter what he said or promised.

You can be angry and hurt, but that won’t pay for daycare or diapers.  You are just as responsible for the situation as he is, so you really can’t blame him.  It took two.  When you choose to have unprotected sex, you are saying that you are ready to raise a baby alone.  Are you?

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