Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17: Inspiration, Imagination and Invention

The Inspiration, Imagination and Invention show with Simon Rose is a once a month show highlighting books base on or around history.
This week's guest is Dellani Oakes.

Dellani Oakes is a former A.P. English teacher and photo journalist. Now working as a substitute teacher and Mary Kay consultant, she can give skin care & makeup advice, correct grammar, take pictures and write an article while controlling a classroom full of rowdy third graders. Dellani was making up stories before she could read. Her first really cohesive work began when her older sister started school. These stories paved the way for songs and poems in elementary school and short stories in high school and college. A college theatre major, Dellani took play writing. It became her new love. Dellani had to set aside her love of writing when she began working as a teacher. Her creative energies were channeled into writing exams to make her students cry—although this wasn't usually intentional. Unfortunately, between that and motherhood, she didn't have time to write. However, once her youngest son started school in 2001, she was able to write full time. Her first published novel, "Indian Summer", was published in 2008 by Second Wind Publishing. Also from Second Wind, her second novel, "Lone Wolf" makes its debut soon. "Lone Wolf" is the first in her science-fiction series.

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