Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Communication between Parents and Kids/ Bridging the Gap By: Clayton Paul Thomas

Communication can certainly be a problem in any family based on any number of distractions.  This may mean friends of the child, sports teams, and television/video games.  The older children get; the more independent they become.  It is at this point where communication can really be weak if you are not a proactive parent.  This post is meant to give some tips and things to do in order to create better communication between you and your children.

First, understand that communication is a two way street.  That means if your child is not seeking to talk to you and you want to talk- you have to make the first move.  If you expect your child to initiate the conversation, you may find yourself waiting indefinitely.  That’s a bad plan.

Make it crystal clear that you want to talk and why you feel it’s important.  Be careful though about confusing communicating with lecturing.  Some children need a good lecture about any number of things but that’s different than starting a dialogue where the child gets to participate without fear of being punished. On a side note, there will be many lectures that will be avoided if the communication in your home is on solid ground.

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