Monday, March 19, 2018

Jo Michaels Talks About Living Life When You Are Struggling With A Disease

 Jo Michaels will be discussing her life and struggles with MS.

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I have a post in me today, and I’m just gonna throw it out there. Some of you know, but most of you don’t, so this is me, being really real.

Below is the very picture of MS. People who suffer with this disease get to look at these supplies three times a week if they’re on the shots.

Why am I talking about it right now? Because I’m having some feels over the demotivation these articles bring into my life.

See, the more a person weighs, the less these shots hurt. Yeah, I bet it’s about now that it’s starting to click in your head what kind of demotivation I’m talking about. Right?
But if it were just pain that lasted a few minutes, I could deal. This pain lasts around 48 hours, and starts to fade right about the time you have to do another one. And when I say pain, I’m talking about it feeling like someone is pressing a hornet or red wasp to your skin and letting it sting you. Would be nice if it went away after the needle is pulled out, but no. It intensifies for a few minutes, swells, and turns bright red. Then, every time that spot is pressed on, it hurts all over again. And the bruises... I look like someone has beaten me.
Without the shots, though, my brain would eventually atrophy and die. Without the fat, I feel like I’m dying 3x a week. This particular brand of medicine doesn’t demolish your immune system to help fight the disease. I’m afraid to switch. It’s also working well. No symptoms for about seven months now.
Having the pain is pissing me off, and it’s keeping me from reaching goals I’ve set for myself in other aspects of my life because I don’t want to work out and add more pain. That leaves me about one day a week. Not enough.

Some days, I reallllllly wanna say, “Screw it!” and just gain all that weight back to avoid the pain. But with the weight comes other issues: nausea, brain fog, pain in my joints, and IBS flare ups. A different kind of pain. I’d just be swapping one for the other.

So, I stare at these articles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I roll through my hate/love relationship. Today is one of those days, and I’m choosing to keep my brain and just deal. I push through and don’t give up. I’m not one to (usually) throw my hands up and walk away.
It scares me, though, to think about the future and the possibility that one day I’ll be weaker than I am now. What then? What do I give up?

Yes, I’ve looked into alternatives, but the side effects are those that align with some of the other issues my disease causes. So, I deal. I don’t whine, cry (often), or talk about it very much with folks other than family and extremely close friends.

Today, I wanted to share because I thought maybe someone would like to know that not everything is as perfect as it may seem on the surface. We have to scratch sometimes to know what demons and fears others are facing down. It can give us courage to face our own crap—especially when we can connect with the fear of what the future may bring.

Now that I’ve shared what I struggle with, and you’ve taken the time to read this far, what I want to know is this:

What are your secret struggles, and how/why do you overcome or push through them?
How’s it working for you?
Do you have these days, too?

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Marketing the right way!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A remake of the Charles Bronson 1974 movie, Death Wish with Bruce Willis entertains.

Paul Kersey (Willis), a trauma surgeon, lives in Chicago, where deaths happen every night. He’s good at his job, putting back together both the heroes and the bad guys. A family man, his daughter is leaving for college in the fall. The perfect family.
​When thugs decide to rob the house, expecting no one home, things go awry. His wife, Lucy (Elizabeth Shue) is killed and his daughter, Jordan is left in a coma. Dr. Kersey does everything by the book but the Chicago PD lack the leads to find the suspects, leaving Paul frustrated.
​After witnessing a couple of thugs manhandling a woman, Dr. Kersey decides to stop playing by the rules and teaches himself to shoot. Taking matters into his own hands, he becomes “The Grim Reaper”, a vigilante who sets to protect those who are victims. When a thug comes into the ER wearing Dr. Kersey’s watch, he gets the break he needs to find those men who attacked his family.
​Bruce Willis is back as a kick-butt character, similar to his Die Hard one. Now bald and a little older, Willis still is able to handle a gun and witty banter before he kills someone. He carries the movie as he moves from surgeon to vigilante. 
​The director Eli Roth does a nice job of updating the movie for 2018 with radio stations and television shows debating the use of violence versus protecting those who are unprotected. It’s an interesting debate in light of recent events. In addition, social media and viral video show how quickly information is shared around the world. While some pieces remain the same from the original, this movie has a “new” feeling. 
​Although it will keep you on the edge of your seat with the violence and action, it’s not a movie you need to visit the theater to see. The cheap seats or on your TV would be just as fine. Save the money for those spring blockbusters.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Podcast - March 7 2018 -Host Scott R Caseley


Please join Scott R Caseley on March 7th at 8:30pm EST/7:30pm CST/6:30pm MST/ 5:30pm PST when his guest will be author, Traci McDonald.

Traci McDonald is a blind author of clean romance novels, including Burning Bridger (Muse It Up, 2015), Killing Casanova (Crimson Romance, 2012), and the forthcoming Soul of Stone. She believes that falling in love is the greatest risk of all, and her non-explicit romances are about hurting, healing and finding true love. Traci has been blind for 20 years.

When she isn't writing, she is an editor for Ink and Quill Press, and the co-host for a Blog Talk Radio show on The World of Ink Network. She is also an active member of the National Federation of the Blind, on the board of her local writers' guild, and a speaker for various writing conferences and book fairs. She is a full-time wife and mother of three boys, an avid reader, and loves living in a small town on the fringes of Nevada's Mojave Desert.

Podcast - March 6 2018 -Host Marsha Casper Cook and Piper Stone

link to show

Please join Marsha Casper Cook and Piper Stone on Tuesday March 6 at 8:30 EST 7:30 CST 6:30 MT 5:30 PST when they welcomes author Michel Prince and Melissa Keir when they discuss writing, marketing and everything that needs to happen to become successful as an author. 

Michel is a USA Today Bestselling author. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and Political Science. Michel writes new adult and adult paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.

Melissa is a wife and mother, an elementary school teacher, a radio show-movie reviewer, owner for a publishing company as well as an author.

Marsha is an author, screenwriter, radio show producer, host of World Of Ink Network podcasts and a speaker.

Piper Stone,best selling author, writes in several genres including thrillers, erotic romance, dark erotic, Domestic Discipline, spanking, Domination and submission and traditional romance. She has a love of the non-traditional, preferring to create worlds that defy the imagination.

For more info about the shows or to be a guest go to