Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Join Marsha and Willow on Wednesday October 22 at 11 AM EST 10 AM CST 9AM MT 8 AM PST for a very special show featuring Jo Michaels. Jo Michaels has been The World of Ink Networks sponsor for the month of October. 

Jo is a graphic artist, editor and fascinating blogger. Her wonderful heartfelt imagination will become your guide as you read about the magical world that her characters live in. Her female characters are powerful beyond compare and her writing makes you proud to be a woman and also makes you want to share everything about Jo's writing. Her blog is terrific especially for new authors because she explains her technique and that is so very helpful to new writers.

Join the fun.

Call in number # 714-242-5259

Jo's Links
Personal Interestshttp://jomichaels.blogspot.com/

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Special Mystery and Thriller Authors


 link to the show

Please join Marsha on Tuesday October 7 at 8 PM CST 9PM EST 7PM MT 6PMPST for a terrific show when her guests will be three great writers with new books, Kelly Money, Cindy Cromer and Stacy Verdick. They will be reading a selection of their book. Don't miss this discussion and reading! Murder and thriller stories are really popular so save the date you won't want to miss this show.

For more info about our services and shows check out

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Designing Your Email

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Five Ways to Build Your Brand for Under $50

In this digital age, anyone with a laptop or tablet can write a book. The key to making yours successful is building a quality product and making sure people see it. Here are five ways we can help you Get Noticed.
  • Teasers - These are visual representations of your story. They consist of a picture with teaser text about your book and your cover or website link where the book can be found. 

We do teasers for the ridiculous price of $15 or right now get a set of three for $40
  • Banners - Use a web banner to enhance your facebook page, twitter page, or website. A banner can feature all your books or one new release. They can also decorate any blog or website. Multiple sizes are available.
Banners can be simple or complicated. They start at $15 as well.
  • Author Promotion Videos - This is a new innovative way of expressing yourself as an author. We work with you to get a feel for what makes you tick as an author and can feature all your works on one video.
For only $50 let us build a promotion video for you!
  • Premium Author Club - Getting your posts out on multiple social media sites is no easy task. Becoming a member of our Premium Author Club allows you to get a banner, and weekly posts on all our social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, and Pinterest among others. Getting your name out there on a weekly basis can enhance your readership. The posts are varied and always contain a link to your website or your book.  Take advantage of this for $50 for a 6 month membership of weekly posts and a 15% discount on any other service we offer
  • Cover Reveal - Have a new release coming up in a few weeks? We can do a  3-d cover for you that we will blast out weekly to all our social media sites. Choose a one month ad for $7 or a two month value ad for $10.
Contact us today to get started on building your brand

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Meet Jo Michaels


Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Good Story Is A Good Story

Join Marsha Casper Cook and her guests on Tuesday September 23 at 8 PM CST 9 PM EST for a round table discussion that will help not only the new author but the author that has been writing for years trying to promote themselves.

On hand for this SPECIAL show is the Marketing Director for the World Of Ink Network, Willow Cross.

Help is on the way! Candy O'donnell will be there to tell you her new plan for promoting authors who would much rather be writing then promoting. How much is too much is the issue author’s face. Kelly Abell will also be joining the discussion.

Kelly's company Select O Grafix is an excellent company for promotional package. Danielle R. Mani, author of the divine one will be there to join in on her take of new authors and marketing their books.

We have lots of surprise guests so keep the date open and join the Promoting Party on Tuesday September 23, 2014.

The discussion is open so if you have an idea or would like to speak to the panel please feel free to call in - it's a live show.
PHONE TO CALL IN (714) 242-5259

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Good Story Is A Good Story

Best selling Author - Bernard Foong - Sexual Society And Harem Life!


What a great show we have planned. Please join Marsha Casper Cook on September 9 at 5 PM EST 4PM CST 3PM MT 2PM PST when she welcomes Bernard Foong.  He is a Best Selling International Author of a seven books series about the author’s unique adolescent harem life, published by Solstice Publishing.
This provocative story is about a young man who was initiated into a clandestine sexual society. He was spirited to the Middle East, from his UK boarding school. He attended the Bahriji School (Oasis,) in The United Arab Emirates in preparation for serving in Harems for the wealthy and elite.

It is also a love story between the young man and his ‘Valet’ who served as his chaperone and mentor during the boy’s Harem service. 

Bernard is also an established bridal/formal wear fashion designer since 1977 to present.

This is going to be quite a show so listen in and feel free to call in to ask questions.

 Link for the show

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